The importance of maths eductaion in the 21st century

Mathematics is the most important subject.  Maths is everywhere and everyone uses some kind of maths in their everyday life.  The curriculum is changing.  GCSE's are becoming more functional and practical.  The Key stage 2 curriculum has had a complete change over.  The way maths is taught is the change too schools trying to mimic how maths is taught in other countries.

What can we do to help our children

There are many resources online which can help your child with the maths taught in the school curriculum.  Many schools offer catch up classes to A-level and GCSE students.  Exam practice is an excellent way for your child to prepare for future examinations.  Private tuition can be a fantastic way of getting your child to consolidate the knowledge.  Look out for maths revision courses during school holidays, weekends and after school.  These courses are a small group of students doing differentiated learning to help boost grades. 

What do others think?

Sharon from says, "the rate of learning increases dramatically when being educated in small groups"  Sharon offers one of several available small class group tutoring services that are more affordable and more interesting than traditional 1:1 tutoring.

Typical cost for private tuition

Private tuition costs £25 an hour.  Group classes cost between £10 and £15 an hour depending on class size.